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Bubba N Stix (SEGA GENESIS) Action 1994

Bubba 'N' Stix is a Sega Mega Drive side-scrolling action game.

The game was published in the United States with a Bubblicious brand tie-in. This is mirrored in gameplay via bonus stages featuring Bubblicious pack items that award points, as well as an idle animation in which Bubba chews bubble gum and blows a bubble.

A supposedly complete Sega Mega-CD version was scheduled to be released in January (later February, then March) 1994, however it was canceled for unclear reasons. Former Core Design developers have verified its existence. 


Bubba, a redneck handyman, gets kidnapped by Waldo, an extraterrestrial who collects humans from all across the cosmos to display in his zoo. Waldo wrecks his ship on an unknown world on his route back to his home planet, allowing Bubba and a sentient twig named Stix to escape. The two must now work together to find their way home.


The game is a platform puzzler. In order to proceed, the player must utilize Stix in a number of ways. Stix can be used as a bludgeoning weapon, a temporary platform, a stirrer, a snorkel, or a prybar, among other things. Bubba may use A to swipe Stix or hold A to fling him like a boomerang, both of which can be employed to fight foes. Stix may be used to interact with different items in the levels by pressing A, sometimes in conjunction with a direction on the D-pad. If Stix is left inside an item, pressing A summons him. Bubba can be moved with the Left or Right arrow keys, and he can jump with the B key. If the C button is kept down while walking, he can sprint. He can crawl and crouch using Down-left and Down-right. He can swim by pushing the D-pad in any direction and surface by pressing Up with enough velocity when submerged.

Bubba's vitality is represented by Stix as a six-segment bar in the lower-left corner of the screen. When he receives damage from adversaries or stage hazards, he loses vitality. Bubba's vitality is carried over from stage to stage, although he can obtain vitality goods in bonus levels in between. If he loses all of his vitality, he dies. He can also lose a life if he drowns underwater; his air level is displayed in the lower-right corner of the screen on his image. However, if the player runs out of lives, the game may be restarted as many times as desired, and there is a password system for restarting any level from the beginning at a later time. Waldo, the enemy, occasionally emerges in stages to harass (and accidentally aid) Bubba. 


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