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Bubble and Squeak (SEGA GENESIS) Action 1994

Bubble and Squeak is a platform puzzle game created and released by Audiogenic Software. Sunsoft converted it to the Sega Mega Drive in 1994 after it was published for the Amiga. It was also available on the short-lived Amiga CD32 platform.

The game appears to have been dubbed Barnie and Clyde during development. 


The narrative takes set on the planet Grool, which is populated mostly by small, anthropomorphic felines. The feline aliens' bucolic and monotonous existence is disrupted when an extraterrestrial invader known as Kat of Nine Tails kidnaps Grool's sentient inhabitants, mistakenly leaving one of them, Squeak, behind. Soon later, Squeak meets a human child known only as Bubble, who offers to help Squeak release Grool's captured inhabitants.


Players control Bubble, and they can tell Squeak to 'follow' or 'wait' for him at any moment during the game. Squeak, who is immune to adversaries and hostile fire, has his own AI and would assist Bubble in collecting goods or giving him a boost through piggy-back, letting Squeak toss him up to great heights, or just standing on top of Squeak's head. Collectible things include gems, money, and a submersible symbol, which is required to play the shooting levels; certain goods, like as springs, may be picked up and taken to other areas, however the only items the player can pick up in the shooter stages are additional lives and Speed-ups. Bubble has infinite ammo, either stars or torpedoes, in both modes of gameplay (gathering and firing). 


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