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Cadash (SEGA GENESIS) Action-adventure 1992

Cadash (カダッシュ, Kadasshu) is an action-adventure video game that blends platform game and role-playing video game features. The game was first launched as an arcade video game by Taito in 1989, then for the TurboGrafx-16 in 1991 and the Mega Drive/Genesis in 1992. It was featured in Taito Memories Volume 2 for the PlayStation 2 in 2005, as well as Taito Legends 2 for the Xbox and Microsoft Windows in 2007.


The game is set in a medieval fantasy world where demons and abominations from Cadash's underworld domain previously shared the light with mankind. A powerful demonic magician named the Balrog vowed to control the realm of men if he could mate with a human ruler. The Balrog's troops amass and threaten the Kingdom of Dirzir, the most powerful of all human realms. Princess Salassa is abducted by the Balrog and dragged underground to Castle Cadash one night. The Balrog intends to magically link himself to the human princess, transforming himself into all-powerful and invincible. Dilsarl, Dirzir's old King, swore to give his whole kingdom to whoever saved his daughter.


Cadash is a platform-RPG game combining side-scrolling platform gameplay with an RPG system involving statistics, levels, money, and magic. The arcade version supports four characters at simultaneously, whereas the console version supports up to two players and four different characters: warrior, wizard, priestess, and ninja. Each character features unique attacks, statistics, and abilities. Players go through each level, slaying enemies and bosses while collecting keys, treasure, and experience. Villages offer things, weapons, armor, and additional lives, with each village giving greater equipment than the one before it. The arcade version features a time restriction that may be increased by purchasing more costly hourglasses or collecting unusual bonuses.

The game is divided into five stages, each with its own set of enemies and scenery. The arcade version includes a four-player "link" mode utilizing two Cadash cabinets, but has constraints such as players needing to choose a different character and characters on the same machine having to keep up with each other. The console versions include a two-player option.

The Fighter, Mage, Priestess, and Ninja are the four playable characters in the game. The Fighter is a Barbarian-style warrior with powerful melee attacks, great defense, and agility, whereas the Mage is Dirzir's court magician and the king's top counselor. The Priestess is the best character for novices, because to her protective spells and extended reach, which make her the weakest boss killer. The Ninja is an expert in ranged combat, with exceptional mobility, natural defense, and hidden missiles. The ninja's sole downside is that he has the greatest experience needs for leveling up, however this is offset by his ability to rapidly dispatch foes and gather experience.


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