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Caliber Fifty (SEGA GENESIS) Shoot 'em up 1991

Caliber.50 is a top-down run-and-gun video game that was first launched in arcades as Cal.50 before being released on the Sega Mega Drive in 1991. The Mega Drive version was exclusively available in North America, but Visco had intentions to offer a Japanese version at one point.


Captain Addis of the United States Army must rescue his comrades twenty years after failing to do so during the Vietnam War. He must now re-navigate the Ho Chi Minh route in order to free his captive friends. 


The game is a run-and-gun from above. Players take control of Captain Addis, a US Army pilot who was captured as a prisoner of war in Vietnam in 1972. Addis must battle opposing troops with firearms and grenades to escape the jail camp. With the D-Pad, Addis may travel in any direction. He fires his rifle while holding B and then tosses a grenade when he lets go of B. The pistol has a limitless supply of ammo, but the grenades are restricted.

The weapon may be aimed using one of two control systems. Addis turns left with A and right with C while using Type A. Addis always fires in the direction he is facing when using Type B.

A health bar in the top-left area of the screen indicates Addis' health. The health meter has many levels that correlate to the weapon's strength. A blue health bar represents the lowest level and the weakest weapon (machine gun), a red health bar represents the second level and a stronger weapon (rocket launcher), and a yellow health bar represents the highest level and the strongest weapon (flamethrower). He loses a life when his blue health bar is depleted, although he may be revived in place if he has spare lives; the game finishes when he runs out of lives.

The game features three difficulty levels (Easy, Normal, and Hard), and the player may choose how many lives they start with.


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