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California Games (SEGA GENESIS) Sport 1991

California Games, also known as Jogos de Vero in Brazil, is a sports game produced by Epyx for a variety of home computers and consoles. It is the third installment in Epyx's Games series, following Summer Games and World Games.


The first Sega version was a Master System conversion made by Sega and launched in 1989, which, like the related NES version at the time, was primarily based on the Commodore 64 version. Later, in 1991, a Mega Drive version was released, this time developed by Novotrade, with brand new graphics in comparison to the other versions, as well as slightly different play mechanics, but it also removed the Flying Disc event and the sponsorship that was present on all other versions.


Much later, in the mid-1990s, Tec Toy broke apart the Master System version and re-released it as a "compilation" called Game Box Série Esportes Radicais, which only maintained the surfing and BMX events.



The offered events vary significantly depending on the platform, but they always feature the following:

    Half-pipe Footbag
    Surfing (with Rippin' Rick)
    Skating on roller skates
    Flying disc for BMX

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