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Cannon Fodder (SEGA GENESIS) Strategy 1995

Cannon Fodder is a shooter created by Sensible Software and released by Virgin Interactive Entertainment in 1993 for the Amiga. Virgin ported the game to MS-DOS, Atari ST, Acorn Archimedes, Atari Jaguar, Mega Drive, SNES, and 3DO. The game is military-themed and revolves around shooting and squad-based tactics. The player commands soldiers in a variety of tasks, attacking opposing infantry, vehicles, and infrastructure.

Cannon Fodder has a darkly funny tone that critics have both admired and criticised. Its architects meant it to communicate an anti-war message, which some critics picked up on, however the Daily Star and a number of prominent figures mocked it. Other reviews complimented the game, which received scores of more than 90% in Amiga publications. It received an incredible score from Amiga Action, naming it the greatest game of the year. 


Cannon Fodder is a military-themed action game with elements of strategy and shoot 'em up. Depending on the assignment, the player commands a small squad of up to six troops. These soldiers are equipped with machine guns that can kill opposing infantry with a single shot. The player's forces are similarly vulnerable, and while they have more weaponry at the start of the game, the opponent army grows stronger as the game proceeds. Vehicles such as Jeeps, tanks, and helicopters, as well as missile-armed turrets, are among the enemies. In addition, the player must demolish buildings that create opposing soldiers. The player must use secondary, explosive armament like as grenades and rockets against these targets, who are immune to machine gun fire. The player must discover supply boxes to resupply their soldiers because ammunition for these weapons is limited. Wasting these weapons might lead to the player not having enough to complete the mission goals. The player can choose to fire boxes, killing enemy troops and structures in the process, at a lower cost to their forces than recovering them, but at the risk of losing ammo.

The player progresses through 24 missions, each with numerous levels, for a total of 72 levels. There are several settings to choose from, including jungle, snow, and desert, each with its own collection of terrain elements and vehicles, such as igloos and snowmobiles. The player must also deal with rivers (over which soldiers are hindered and unable to shoot), quicksand, mines, and other booby traps. The game has strategic components as well as shooting action and uses a point-and-click control scheme more typical in strategy games than action games. Because the player's men are outnumbered and quickly slain, they must exercise extreme caution, as well as meticulous planning and location. In order to do this, they can divide the squad into smaller groups to take up different positions or risk fewer men while marching into risky locations.

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