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Championship Pro-Am (SEGA GENESIS) Racing 1992

Championship Pro-Am is a Sega Mega Drive racing game created by Rare and distributed by Tradewest. It is a remake of R.C. Pro-Am, a Nintendo Entertainment System game. R.C. Pro-Am was a successful title at the time, and it inspired sequels for the Nintendo Game Boy and NES.


The game is played from an isometric perspective. A and B are used to accelerate and utilize the weapon/horn, respectively. Weapon power-ups may be collected along the course and utilized to slow down an opponent.

Missiles (projectiles), bombs (backward launched dangers), stars (increases stockpiles by 1), skulls (decreases stockpiles by 1), and roll cage power-ups (shield) are examples of power-ups. Only the roll cage power-up may be obtained by computer opponents. On the courses, you may also find stat-boosting power-ups. Higher Top Speed (blue engine block icon) improves maximum speed; Turbo Acceleration (blue turbo impeller icon) boosts acceleration; and Super Sticky Tires (black tire icon) increases turning ability.

Eight letters may be collected to form the word CHAMPION. Once all of the letters have been gathered, a new automobile will be awarded. This method can win you two more automobiles. Unfortunately, upgrading the automobile causes all Stat advancements to be reverted to zero.

Water puddles, grease slicks, rain clouds, and pop-up walls are all level dangers. Speed Panels may be discovered on the circuit and, when driven on, provide the player a speed boost. Surprisingly, no music is played during racing, however music is played at the finish of a race and in a few other situations. The level concludes when someone crosses the finish line, and rankings are assigned based on their present position. If the player finishes fourth, the game is finished and the player must utilize one of three continues.

There are twelve track layouts, however they are repeated forever as the game goes, with additional zippers and dangers added as the level grows.


Graphics and sound are slightly enhanced over the NES version. The letters that may be gathered inside a level spell out "CHAMPION" rather than "NINTENDO". When you spell "CHAMPION" three times in a row, you'll get superchargers that boost your speed from 104 MPH to 108 MPH and 110 MPH. Players input their initials at the start of the game rather than at the finish.

There are five opponents rather than three. Vehicles with the roll cage power-up cannot be damaged by missiles or explosives. Dash Zones score 100 times as many points as their Nintendo counterparts. Each circuit has a lap record, and breaking it earns you 500 points. Extra continues are available after winning five consecutive races. 


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