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Cliffhanger (SEGA GENESIS) Beat 'em up 1993

Cliffhanger is a 1993 beat-'em-up game for the Sega Mega Drive and Sega Mega-CD. It was created by Malibu Interactive and distributed by Sony Imagesoft as a tie-in to the 1993 film Cliffhanger starring Sylvester Stallone.


Gabe Walker, an ex-mountain rescue ranger, and his friend Hal Tucker respond to a distress call to rescue a few trapped hikers caught in an aircraft accident. When they arrive, they realize that the distress call was a forgery and are kidnapped by a violent gang of international thieves commanded by psychotic former military intelligence specialist Eric Qualen. They are obliged to assist Qualen in locating three bags holding $100 million that were lost after an attempted airline theft. Gabe avoids death and starts out in the Colorado mountain range to save Hal and destroy Qualen.


The game is a top-down beat-em-up. The player takes control of Gabe Walker, who must combat a bunch of terrorists who are attempting to prevent him from saving his comrade Hal. Gabe can walk in whatever direction he wants by using the D-Pad. He runs with either the Left Left or the Right Right. He leaps beside C. He can leap across a huge space if he jumps while sprinting. Levels include platforming parts where Gabe must carefully jump across bottomless pits or deep water or climb a rope to traverse a precipice. In various stages, he must use the D-Pad to climb a wall in the background. Holding A helps him to climb faster, but if he is hit while ascending swiftly, he falls.

Gabe fights his opponents by punching with A and kicking with B. Using the same strike repeatedly leads to many movements. Gabe backhands behind him while punching by pushing the D-Pad away from the opponent. By pressing A while running, he rams enemies. After jumping, he can perform a flying kick (but cannot strike in flight). By holding B, he executes a spinning back kick that knocks adversaries down. When he is surrounded, he executes a "super kick" (a spinning sweep kick) with A+B, which may be utilized to damage foes all around him, albeit this maneuver costs some health. He can use B+C to block assaults (but not weapons). While blocking, he may duck by pressing Down. He replaces his punches by picking up weapons (dropped by foes) using A while standing over them. Gabe's weapons include knives, which he swipes at numerous foes in an area, and uzis, which have a limited ranged assault.

A red bar represents his health. If he runs out of health, he dies. He recoups his energy by resting by a campfire. The player can select the number of lives with which to begin the game. The Mega Drive version features infinite continues, however the Mega-CD version has restricted continues and allows the player to start with less lives. Every 100,000 points gained earns you one extra life.

Gabe snowboards down a mountain while being chased by an avalanche in the Mega-CD edition. Gabe moves with the Left and Right buttons on these levels. He accelerates with B and decelerates with Down. He leaps along with A. He regains health in these levels by going through checkpoints in tunnels. He loses a life if his health runs out or the avalanche (represented as a bar on the right) catches up with him. 


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