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CrossFire (SEGA GENESIS) Shoot 'em up 1991

A.I and Kyugo created Cross Fire for the Sega Mega Drive in 1991. It is a reskin of the Japan-only Super Airwolf, a game created to tie with Universal Pictures' Airwolf television series; Acclaim owned the exclusive rights to sell Airwolf console and handheld games in the United States and Europe.

Super Airwolf (Crossfire) is a game produced in the United States by Kyugo Trading Co. that has six rescue missions in Central American countries. The game combines genres, with a monetary incentive for each completed task and a weapon selection menu for personalization. With a high possibility of success, players can select their weapons and firepower. Crossfire is divided into five missions, each containing vertical shooter, zoomed-in, Commando, and Commando-style levels. The game features a unique idea, with no single segment lasting more than a few minutes.

Weaponry is helpful but not unique, with the best weapon striking adversaries and ricocheting 90 degrees left or right. When you're on foot, bullets have a little wave to them, giving the game a somewhat gloomy and gritty tone. The accompanying music keeps the tempo consistent, but the sound effects aren't memorable beyond that.

The game is difficult but not impossible to complete, and the weapon upgrading system adds strategy. The game also has a comical "Engrish" function in which the employer sends a message to the player in the hopes that they would succeed.


You can select one of numerous missions from a map. After selecting a mission, you may select the shot type, gun type, and bomb to take with you on the helicopter, and the operation will begin. A fires (hold to fire quickly). B detonates a bomb. The shield is activated by C.

Following this routine, you will spend a brief time on a larger ship firing at obstacles before landing, exiting the plane, and going around and shooting Commando-style.


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