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Crystal's Pony Tale (SEGA GENESIS) Action-adventure 1994

Crystal's Pony Tale is a Mega Drive/Genesis action-adventure game created by Artech Digital Entertainment and released by Sega. It was published only in the United States in October 1994 under Sega's child-friendly Sega Club label, and was produced by the Sega Girls Task Force as one of the company's first female-targeted games.

Crystal Pony, the game's heroine, embarks on a quest to save her pals and thwart a wicked witch. It was designed with the goal of attracting young females to the site.


There are seven regions in the game, each with many mysteries. There are three levels of difficulty: easy, medium, and hard. Classical music is included throughout the game, particularly Brahms' 4th Symphony.


In order to control Ponyland, the evil Storm Witch performed a spell that imprisoned Crystal Pony's pals in her castle. The player's duty is to collect crystals in order to rescue the ponies and eventually vanquish the witch, following which the ponies may live "happily ever after."


According to Game Developer, the game "was criticized for featuring too much pink in its graphics."


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