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Cutthroat Island (SEGA GENESIS) Beat 'em up 1995

Cutthroat Island is a platform game created by Software Creations and published by Acclaim Entertainment in 1995 for the Game Boy, Game Gear, Genesis, and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. When the game originally came out, there was a promotion where players could uncover hidden treasure chests in the game and join a contest to win real-world rewards.


On the Mega Drive and Game Gear, A/1 punches/kicks, B/2 swings your sword, and C/Up leaps. The Game Gear game uses a platformer-like camera, whilst the Mega Drive game utilizes Golden Axe-style projection typical of beat-'em-ups.

The game, based on the feature film of the same name, puts players as rogue treasure seekers. The player can pick between two characters: Morgan Adams, a female character with a rapier, and William Shaw, a buccaneer with a sword. The game includes single-player and two-player action modes, as well as two alternative gameplay styles: Swordplay and Brawling.

The player's character must go through ten stages, encountering enemies including as pirates, redcoats, and harbour masters. Level two asks players to flee from jail authorities in a quarry cart, while level five places them on a runaway horse-drawn carriage. Knives, explosives, bottles, torches, hammers, guns, and other weapons may be collected as the player continues through the game.


The Sea Devil, a pirate cutter, seized the Spanish cargo ship Santa Susanna in 1619. The Sea Devil was trapped in a storm and crashed on the undiscovered Cutthroat Island before reaching its target. Only one member of the team, Fingers Adams, made it off the island alive. He produced a map and tore it into three parts before dying, which he delivered to his lawful heirs.

In the year 1688, as the pirate Morgan Adams, who presently possesses one piece of the map, the player has embarked on a search for the remaining pieces of the map in the hopes of finally discovering the treasure. Morgan, who is already a wanted woman, will have to battle both the authorities and those who control the map's parts.


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