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DJ Boy (SEGA GENESIS) Beat 'em up 1990

DJ Boy (DJボーイ) is a Kaneko beat 'em up arcade video game released in 1989 for arcade. Kaneko released it in Japan, and Sammy published it in North America. DJ Boy, sometimes known as DJ Kid, was inspired by hip hop culture in American cities. Rather than walking or jogging, many of the characters ride around on roller skates.


The home console game's idea is as follows: Donald J. Boy (DJ Boy) is a roller fighter competing in the ultimate fight-race known as "Rollergame" in Cigaretch City, situated on the outskirts of New York City. Many people were eager to meet DJ Boy, but the Dark Knights, a roller fighting gang, wants him out of the competition. Heavy-Met Tony orders his group to abduct his lover Maria, who also arrives in town, and beat DJ Boy. In one journey, DJ Boy must save Maria, fight the Dark Knights, and win the Rollergame tournament. The scenario of the arcade game reveals a different story.

Two rollerskaters called Bob and Tom (the two playable characters) were breakdancing to the beat of their boombox until it was stolen by rollerskater thieves (perhaps the Dark Knights), in which case they must track down and destroy them in order to reclaim what is rightly theirs.


DJ Boy skates over numerous stages, defeating opponents with hand-to-hand combat skills, culminating in a boss encounter at the conclusion of each level. Along the way, the player will come across rewards that may be used to buy Power-ups from a store at the conclusion of each level (in the home version, the arcade just counted them as points). The "prizes" in the console versions of the game, like in another game, River City Ransom, are money dropped by vanquished adversaries or food items like burgers that replenish health.

You play as a youngster on rollerskates, destroying foes in a variety of auto-scrolling landscapes. A punches (lower range, rapid timing), B kicks (higher range, slow time), and C leaps are interspersed with a variety of combination actions.


    The original Arcade version has fewer lives (you lose one after taking two hits) and more difficult gameplay. Instead of additional lives and continues, the Mega Drive version has a health bar.
    The protagonist in the Japanese Mega Drive port must save a girl. In certain versions, he must instead reclaim his stolen radio.
    To prevent presenting racial prejudices, frequent opponent "Big Momma" was given a skin color alteration in Western versions (she throws donuts instead of farting). The last boss was also altered (she turned brunette rather than black).


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