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Daffy Duck in Hollywood (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1995

Daffy Duck in Hollywood is a platform game starring the Looney Tunes character Daffy Duck that was published in 1995 for the Sega Mega Drive, Sega Master System, and Sega Game Gear.


Professor Duck Brain has kidnapped Yosemite Sam's Golden Movie Awards. He is keeping them hostage for a million dollars and has left an explosive trail to dissuade anyone from chasing him. Sam enlists the help of Daffy Duck to retrieve his medals and cope with the insane professor and his minions.


The game is a platformer with Daffy Duck exploring stages based on movie genres. Daffy must gather all dynamite bundles to advance to the next segment of the level and, finally, the exit. A wall separates each area; if Daffy stands near to the wall without collecting all of the dynamite, an arrow leads him back the way he came. When he has collected all of the explosives, the game will inform him with "GO!" to let him know that the blocker has been unlocked. To obtain the nice ending, Daffy must also locate all of Yosemite Sam's Golden Movie Awards buried throughout the stages.

Daffy walks with the Left or Right, sprints with the Left or Right, and crawls with the Down-left or Down-right. Many goods, including dynamite packages, are hidden in chambers only accessible by crawling. He uses Down to duck and B to leap. He can jump higher while he is sprinting. Daffy's preferred weapon is a bubble cannon, which he shoots with the letter A. Daffy's bubble pistol traps foes in bubbles that he may explode by touching. If Daffy does not pop their bubbles, enemies return.

Daffy currently has three health points. He can absorb one more hit before losing a life if he loses all three health points. If time runs out, he also loses a life. He resumes the level at the start of the last section. At the start of each section, time is refilled. If Daffy remains motionless for too long, he gets attacked in numerous ludicrous ways, which also loses him his life. 


Each universe has three stages and is titled after a Daffy Duck cartoon. Initially, just the first two worlds are available; the player can select to play any of the first six levels in any sequence. Daffy encounters a boss after finishing all of the levels, which opens further two worlds with levels that may be played in any sequence. After conquering these stages, Daffy encounters another boss, which opens the last two worlds.

Extra level:

If Daffy discovers a Bonus Token in a level, he enters a bonus level. Daffy has ten seconds to gather things for additional points on the bonus level, which is a single screen with no scrolling.

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