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Dahna - Megami Tanjou (SEGA GENESIS) Action 1991

Dahna Megami Tanjou (ダーナ 女神誕生), also known as Dahna in South Korea (다아나), is a side-scrolling action game for the Sega Mega Drive. Only Japan and South Korea received it.

Bootleg producers began selling it as Hercules about 1997.


A wealthy family resided nearby, and the heirs were two girls named Regine and Dahna. These two sisters were born with a weird ability that allowed them to summon the elements as well as other unimaginable things. Many in the spiritual underworld desired this sorcery, especially Regine, whose skills became stronger with age.

Dahna's parents were slain in a brutal kidnapping attempt on her seventh birthday, but the debris separated the sisters and Dahna escaped. Dahna sought refuge in a nearby hamlet, where she trained her magic and battle skills under the tutelage of the town sorcerer Magh. A strange invading army commanded by a wicked sorcerer assaulted her town and captured Magh ten years later, driving Dahna to her first combat.


The title refers to a side-scrolling action platformer. Dahna, who battles adversaries with a sword and magical skills, is controlled by the player. The game boasts a high degree of brutality for its period, as every opponent Dahna kills vanishes in a streak of blood, and one boss must be killed through dismemberment.

Dahna walks with her left and right feet. She crouches and remains hunched unless she stands up using Up. She can lie prone with Down when crouching, crawl with Left and Right while prone, or return to a crouched posture with Up. She does B jumps and Up+B high jumps.

Dahna can use C to wield her sword against foes. While standing, press the button repeatedly for a three-hit combo strike. With Up+C, she thrusts her sword directly upward. Dahna may use her sword while crouching or leaping as well. She can stab directly downward while in flight by pressing Down+C. Dahna may cast a magic spell with A in addition to melee fighting. Her powers is fuelled by a bar of magic orbs gathered from dead enemy magicians. The spell performed, like Golden Axe, is decided by how full the bar is. The bar is divided into three parts to represent three spells, and each spell may be performed twice with a full bar.

Dahna rides on the backs of many monsters throughout the game, including a horse, a griffin, and a big ogre. Dahna can use her sword while riding the horse or the griffin. With A or B, the griffin may also belch fireballs. With C, the ogre swings its arm towards adversaries (and may occasionally grasp and toss them). It can also leap on and destroy adversaries.

Dahna receives experience points when she kills foes and collects orbs. Dahna obtains more health (and also restores all of her lost health) at 100,000 and 200,000 points. If Dahna loses all of her health, the game is over, but it can be restarted up to five times. There are three levels of difficulty (Easy, Normal, and Hard).


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