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Dark Castle (SEGA GENESIS) Action 1991

Dark Castle is an action platform game for the Sega Mega Drive created by Artek Digital Productions and published by Electronic Arts. It was published in 1991 to mostly unfavorable reviews as a version of the famous Silicon Beach Software game Dark Castle from 1986.

While the original home computer versions of Dark Castle used precise mouse control to manipulate the player character, the home versions instead rotate his arm with a button push, resulting in a tiring and severely inaccurate control system that makes the game practically unplayable. As a result, the game has gained a current reputation as one of the single-worst Mega Drive titles - something that has since become closely connected with the game's modern character. 


When the terrible Black Knight terrorizes the populace, Prince Duncan vows to dethrone himself, but in order to accomplish so, he must journey to the castle's four sections: Fireball, Shield, Trouble, and Black Knight.

Duncan returns to the Black Knight's throne room after collecting the Fireball and Shield, topples the Black Knight's throne, and the Black Knight stands up waving his fist as a gargoyle transports Duncan to Trouble 3. 


Prince Duncan has the ability to run, leap, and duck, as well as interact with the surroundings and toss a limited quantity of pebbles. Elixirs may be acquired to defend against animal bites, and a bag of pebbles can be obtained to refill his missiles. Duncan may also use a magical shield to protect himself and improve his missiles to devastating fireballs.

The game is notorious for having a weak protagonist. Prince Duncan repeatedly trips over the scenery, becomes disoriented after short falls, and dies in a single blow. To make matters worse, although the original game used a computer mouse to aim Duncan's arm, the home versions utilize a button to spin his arm. The Sega Mega Drive Port negative reception is mostly due to its tiring control mechanism.


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