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Darwin 4081 (SEGA GENESIS) Shoot 'em up 1990

Darwin 4081 (ダーウィン4081) is a vertical shoot-'em-up for the Sega Mega Drive that Sega released only in Japan and South Korea in 1990. It's based on Data East's 1987 arcade shooter Super Real Darwin.

This game was originally launched as a Japanese exclusive, but it has since been ported to be region-free. Works on both European and American consoles.

"The story begins on the planet Lakya, where the planet's technologically advanced inhabitants unwittingly unleash Evol, the planet's life force." The unleashed Evol is intercepted by the residents of the adjacent planet Cokyo, who launch the Shlohe project, a plot to use their kidnapped Evol to construct sophisticated biologic ships and weaponry to conquer planet Lakya. The people of Lakya fight back against the Cokyo invasion with their own developing fighter ships."


The game plays like a standard shoot-'em-up: A and C fire bullets, B dumps bombs, and there is rapidfire. In contrast to traditional shoot-'em-ups, where weaponry are improved by powerups, your spacecraft "evolves" to withstand conditions and overcome barriers.

Evols (little faces with an E on them) and B-Evols (darker Evols) evolve. With each pickup, a new evolution state is added to the list. One evolution wears off after a certain length of time, and the next evolution is chosen. The DNA powerup does give a more permanent weapon upgrade, but it just strengthens the existing weaponry. You can have up to nine DNA powerups in your inventory. 


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