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Deadly Moves (SEGA GENESIS) Fighting 1992

Power Athlete (パワーアスリート) is a 1992 fighting game developed by System Vision and released by Kaneko for the Sega Mega Drive and Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The Mega Drive version was titled Deadly Moves in the United States, while the Super Famicom/SNES version was renamed Power Moves. The text of both the Japanese and US editions is in English.


Joe, the game's protagonist, aspires to become the world's strongest fighter by taking on Ranker, the game's final boss.


    Right, A + B Throw A Punch B Kick C Jump (close)

Similar to side-scrolling beat-'em-up games like Streets of Rage, Up and Down send the character to a higher or lower plane. Cheat codes can be used to unlock Ranker.

Because Power Athlete was published before many fighting game "standards" were established by Street Fighter II, there are no Street Fighter II-style combinations to complete.

Enemies can be challenged several times to level up your character (and manipulate the scoring system) in RPG manner. Unless your character is highly leveled, special moves do not generate block damage.

There are two lengthy bonus stages where you may earn extra points. A password system is used to track progress.

By fully leveling up your character and hurling projectiles from the other side of the screen, you may easily beat the ultimate boss. Ranker will block them all, gradually succumbing to the block damage inflicted.

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