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Death Duel (SEGA GENESIS) Shooter 1992

Death Duel is a Sega Mega Drive action game released in 1992 by Punk Development. Interstellar disagreements are settled by death duels in the far future. Nine alien cultures have shut off the Federation's nine flight pathways, rendering it inoperable. To preserve the Federation, the player character must combat the champion of each race, each time utilizing his own special huge robot.


In the year 2140, nine of the ten Galactic Federations had obtained unjustified dominance over galactic aviation traffic and territory. This has resulted in a lack of supplies and space pirate raids on the one remaining Federation. Only a legal battle between the Federation's one dualist and the collective nine alien dualists representing the nine Galactic Federations in charge of the space traffic ways, known as The Super 9's, can decide the disagreement. The player takes in the role of Barrett Jade, a mecha pilot attempting to reclaim the spaceways and battle against the other nine dualists.


The game is played from the perspective of the player's robot, with the player and his opponent facing each other at all times. Each match lasts 90 seconds, and if the opponent is not vanquished by then, the player forfeits a continue and must resume the combat. Each round has the purpose of destroying the opponent by lowering their health bar using weaponry connected to the robot such as cannons, missiles, and machine guns. The player must also avoid missiles thrown by their opponents while demolishing barriers spread over the battlefield that may be used for shelter by both the player and the opponent.

If both the player and their opponent incur enough damage, specific body parts on both can be destroyed. Normal health regenerates for both the player and their opponent if they avoid injury for a long enough period of time, but injured bodily sections contribute permanent damage to their life bar that cannot be regained.

The left, middle, and right weapon slots are allocated to the A, B, and C buttons, respectively. The left and right rounds will discharge at an angle, necessitating more precise aim to land a hit on an attacker. Each weapon has its own ammunition count, and once spent, it can no longer be utilized in that combat. If the player runs out of ammo for all three weapons, the duel is forfeited and must be restarted.

After each battle, the player earns money based on their performance and moves on to a qualification round that they must complete in order to advance to the next fight. During the qualifying round, players must shoot at creatures to win more money, with the goal of reaching a set amount of money that rises with each qualifying round before a timer runs out. If the money target is not attained within the allotted time, the player forfeits an attempt and must resume the qualifying round. After each qualifying round, the player is led to a shop where they can spend their earned money on various weapons. Each weapon has a unique behavior, and certain opponents are more vulnerable to certain weapons than others.



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