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DecapAttack (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1991

Decap Attack, often known as DEcapAttack, is a Sega Mega Drive action platform game developed and released by VIC Tokai. Magical Hat no Buttobi Turbo! is a reskinned version of the developer's prior 1990 game. It was initially published in the United States in September 1991, with a tongue-in-cheek horror theme, updated levels, and a new soundtrack, and is widely regarded superior than the original version.

The game is the final in a series of similar platformers developed by VIC Tokai, which began with Psycho Fox for the Sega Master System in 1989. 


Dr. Frank N. Stein's crazy scientist assistant Igor sends Chuck D. Head, a headless mummy, to beat Max D. Cap. Max is a demon who has returned from the Underworld with an army of monsters to conquer the surface world, severing the skeleton-shaped cluster of islands.

Chuck returns home sluggishly after reuniting the dispersed islands and conquering Max, and Dr. Stein honors him by changing him into a genuine person.


The game is a platformer in which the player controls Chuck D. Head, a living mummy, through numerous side-scrolling stages. Levels are divided into three rounds, each of which has several opponents and dangers that might hurt or kill Chuck, as well as objects to acquire. Chuck must fight a boss and discover a special item for Frank N. Stein in the last round of each level. Chuck moves using the Left and Right arrows and ducks with the Down arrow. He leaps beside C. Chuck has a face put in his body but no head. He assaults adversaries by making a face out and hitting them with B. He can also jump on most foes in order to beat them; adversaries must be jumped on many times in order to be defeated and can recover if left alone. While leaping, the user may delay Chuck's descent by pressing CCCCC. He swims with CCCCC underwater.

Chuck may gather a skull power-up, which sits like a head on his shoulders and can be tossed at foes using B. Chuck may retrieve it again by stepping over it after it landed, or he can wait for it to return to him like a boomerang. Chuck loses the skull if he is attacked by an adversary or a danger.

Throughout the game, Chuck may also acquire potions that have various beneficial benefits like as temporary invincibility or killing all opponents on screen. These potions are stored in an inventory rather than being used immediately after being gathered. The player can enter the Lab by pressing A to see the item inventory, utilize an item, or read a brief description of what it accomplishes. 

Chuck has a limited quantity of health units, which are represented as hearts. He has a maximum of two by default, but this may be modified to one or three under the settings. Each heart may resist two enemy attacks. After one strike, the heart emerges with an outline; after two hits, the heart fades but the outline stays. Chuck has the ability to discover hearts that refill his health. He loses a life if he loses all of his health. Chuck also loses a life if he comes into contact with lava, regardless of how many hearts he has left. The game finishes if he loses all of his lives. There are no more lines.

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