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Demolition Man (SEGA GENESIS) Action 1995

Demolition Man is an action game for the Sega Mega Drive developed by Alexandria and released by Acclaim Entertainment. The game, based on the 1993 film Demolition Man, was initially published in the United States in January 1995, and was then converted to the Sega Mega-CD in November of the same year.

Demolition Man Mega-CD was the last game published for the platform in North America. A Japanese Mega Drive version was planned but never materialized.


John Spartan is a daring police officer with a reputation for wrecking things while on the job. In 1996, they are both condemned to cryogenically freezing after a botched effort to rescue hostages from criminal boss Simon Phoenix. Phoenix is thawed in preparation for a parole hearing in 2032, but he escapes. Society has evolved, and all crime appears to have been eradicated. Unable to deal with a criminal as deadly as Phoenix, the authorities summon Spartan to assist in capturing him once more.


Demolition Man is a run-and-gun game in which you play as police officer John Spartan on the trail of fugitive Simon Phoenix. The majority of the missions are side-scrolling platforming, although there are two stages that employ a top-down view instead. Spartan faces multiple gunmen to reach the finish of either stage. Spartan must rescue captives in the top view levels in order to unlock doors and reach the conclusion. At the end of each stage, there is generally a boss fight (including many encounters with Simon Phoenix before the final stage).

Spartan goes left and right in the side view stages. He crouches with Down and remains hunched until he stands up or moves with Up. He leaps beside C. He has limited mobility while leaping, however if he jumps while sprinting, he can leap a long distance. He instantly grips platform corners and pulls himself up; he can climb down with Down when standing on the edge of a platform (this can be done to prevent fall damage). By holding Down+C, he rolls on the ground. He uses Up and Down to climb ladders. He instantly grabs above cables and may travel along them by pressing Left and Right, or jump off them by pressing Down+C. When sliding down a zipline, he may slow himself down by holding A.

Spartan has a pistol, which he shoots using B (which may be held down for continuous firing). Using the D-Pad, he may aim his weapon in eight different directions. He may run and shoot if he is already moving when he begins to fire; otherwise, he stays still and fires. His bullets are undetectable, yet they have an effect when they strike something. Environments have several destructible objects that may be fired to cause them to explode (damage adversaries and perhaps Spartan if he gets too near) or to disclose items. Spartan's beginning pistol has infinite ammunition, but at later stages with restricted ammunition, he can obtain more powerful weapons. He can also locate several sorts of explosives to throw with A. They may be tossed upward by pressing Up+A. Grenades deal a lot of damage in a small area. Spartan has the ability to carry up to five grenades. When he picks up a new grenade, it replaces all of his previous grenades.

Spartan travels in eight directions with the D-Pad in the top view levels. He can either shoot in the direction he is travelling with B or sprint backwards and shoot behind him with C. By keeping B and C together, the player may lock his aim and move and shoot in different directions. This works whether you're firing forward or backward, depending on which button you press first. He may even fire while standing still (using the D-Pad simply for sighting) by holding A and shooting with B. He can find grenades and throw them with A, just like in the side view. Throwing grenades over barriers is possible.

Spartan has a health meter that depletes when he is harmed by enemy fire, dangers like fire, or high falls. If he runs out of health, he loses a life and must restart at a checkpoint. The game ends when he runs out of lives, however it may be restarted as long as the player has continues left. There are three degrees of difficulty (Calm, Crazed, and Total Demolition). 


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