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Double Clutch (SEGA GENESIS) Racing 1993

BGS Development created Double Clutch, a racing video game for the Mega Drive. Sega released it in the PAL area in 1993.


Double Clutch is an overhead racing video game in which players race against other opponents around a track. It may be played with one or two players. The player's main goal is to qualify for the next race by finishing in the top three in a three-lap race. The game terminates if the player comes fourth; in a two-person game, the game continues as long as one of the players is in the top three. At the start of the game, players can select one of the drivers, each with their unique driving style. The game also includes weather effects such as rain and snow.

If the player finishes in the top three after each race, they can win money based on the position of the driver. Earnings may be spent to purchase components and upgrade a player's car. Players can select one of three difficulty levels, which influence the pace of the opposing racers as well as the amount of laps; on the most difficult option, players compete on five circuits. Players can race on any of the first four tracks in practice mode. 


When it was first released, the game garnered mediocre reviews. Mean Machines gave it an overall favorable review, stating that it is quick, fluid, and fun to play, but compared it unfavorably to Micro Machines. Mega was brutally dismissive of the game, calling it "extremely dull" before recommending Micro Machines instead.

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