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Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone (SEGA GENESIS) Beat 'em up 1993

Double Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone is a 1990 arcade beat-'em-up by Technos that was created by East Technology as part of their Double Dragon series. It was adapted to the Sega Mega Drive by Software Creations and released by Flying Edge in 1993.

The game is referred to as Double Dragon 3: The Arcade Game on the box art to distinguish it from the earlier Double Dragon III: The Sacred Stones, a NES adaptation of the game produced by Technos and published in the west by Acclaim (the parent company of Flying Edge), which differed significantly from its arcade counterpart.


Billy and Jimmy Lee stumble meet a fate teller named Hiruko after returning home from a two-year training deployment. The lady informs the Lee brothers that in order to confront the world's most powerful foe, they must locate the three Rosetta Stones that have been distributed around the planet.

The game opens in the United States, where the Lee brothers must combat the remains of the previous games' Black Warriors gang before setting off to find the stones. The heroes must next go to China, Japan, Rome, and ultimately Egypt, where each of the stones is defended by fearsome combatants specific to their own countries (such as shinobi in Japan and archers in Rome). Once all three Rosetta Stones are obtained, the Lee brothers' adventure concludes in Egypt, where they encounter a variety of otherworldly entities as they explore Cleopatra's tomb to solve the mystery behind the stones.


The game is a belt-scrolling beat-'em-up that may be played by one or two players at the same time. Returning heroes Billy and Jimmy Lee are controlled by players one and two, respectively. By hitting START, the second player can enter the game at any time.

The D-Pad is used to maneuver characters about the plane. They run with LeftLeft or RightRight (but no unique running motion is provided) and jump with B. The game removes the directional attack buttons from Double Dragon II: The Revenge, reverting to the original Double Dragon's control system, in which characters punch with A and kick with C. By pressing A while sprinting, characters can perform a head butt. In midair, they do a soaring kick with C. Characters can leap at downed opponents and stomp them with B while they are downed. Moves like the elbow strike and hair grab have been replaced with new powers.

At the start of the first three stages, there is a weapon shop that may be visited through a door. Players may purchase upgrades in the weapon store in return for money. Unlike the original arcade game, which required players to put actual coins into the cabinet, the Mega Drive port begins with 15 coins (which may be upped to 25 coins in the settings). If a second player joins the game, the coin count increases by 5. At the conclusion of each stage, players collect coins. The upgrade options vary significantly across stages, but they often include Extra Guys, Tricks, Power Up, and Weapons. Tricks unlocks the hurricane kick, which is executed with Up+C, as well as a character-specific throw, which is performed with Down+C when close to an adversary. Power Up restores and adds 50 health points to the character's health. Weapons equips the character with a nunchaku in China and a tachi in Japan.

In addition to the Lee brothers (リー兄弟), the Extra Guys upgrade allows the player to control one of three new character types. Other teams of battling brothers are formed by these characters, allowing each player to handle a different brother. When the player's current fighter is beaten, the next one takes his place (basically replacing the previous game's extra lives system). Each player can have up to three backup fighters. These new combatants are as follows:

    The Urquidez brothers (ユキーデ兄弟) Roney and Seima. Champions of mixed martial arts. Purchased in the United States. Their signature move is the handstand ankle flip.
Seima and Taime Chin, brothers (陳兄弟). Tai chi masters. It was purchased in China. Their signature move is the locking head squeeze.
    The Yama brothers (大山兄弟) Masao and Nunio. Karate instructors. It was purchased in Japan. The belly-to-back toss is their signature move.

The leaping throw is the Lee brothers' distinctive throw. They can also use C to pick up weapons and A to utilize them (in place of punches). The other brothers are not allowed to buy or use guns.

The current character's health is displayed as a number in the bottom right corner of the screen. The Lee brothers have 250 health points to begin with, the Urquidez brothers have 225, the Chin brothers have 300, and the Oyama brothers have 375. If a character loses all of his health, one of the reinforcement characters takes his place. If there are no reinforcements remaining, the game is over, but it can be restarted for a coin. Players will also lose a life if the stage timer expires.


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