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Double Dragon V - The Shadow Falls (SEGA GENESIS) Fighting 1994

Double Dragon V: The Shadow Falls is a Sega Mega Drive competitive fighting game released in 1994 by Leland Interactive Media and distributed by Tradewest. It was also made available on the Super NES and the Atari Jaguar. Because of the success of games like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat at the time, the genre was changed from side-scrolling beat-'em-ups to one-on-one combat.

Despite its title, Double Dragon V has no connection to the previous games in the series and was instead a tie-in to the Double Dragon animated series that was aired at the time. The unique numbering was owing to the presence of Super Double Dragon, a Super NES-exclusive game in the series launched in 1992, despite the fact that earlier series' developer Technos Japan had very little connection with Double Dragon V, which was never distributed in Japan. In 2017, an unrelated Double Dragon IV was launched for the PlayStation 4 and PC. 


The gameplay is similar to that of Street Fighter II. Incoming strikes are blocked by up leaps and pushing away from the opponent. There are three punch and three kick buttons, which must be toggled between on a 3-button controller by hitting START or are immediately available on a 6-button controller. The punch and kick buttons have mild, medium, and powerful assaults. Special moves like as fireballs and thrust assaults can be triggered by using button combinations. There are also "Overkills," which are basic attacks that result in a distinctive death animation.

Tournament Mode (arcade single-player mode), Vs. Battle (two-player vs mode), Quest Mode (story mode), and Battle Demo Mode (see two CPU opponents battle) are all available.

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