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Double Dragon (SEGA GENESIS) Beat 'em up 1992

Double Dragon (ダブルドラゴン) is a beat-'em-up arcade game released in 1987 by Technos. It is regarded as a spiritual successor to Technos' earlier smash song Renegade. The original arcade game was a smash hit, establishing a number of themes that would define the beat-'em-up genre and serve as a forerunner to other games in the genre such as Final Fight and Streets of Rage. Since its original arcade release, the game has been converted to various platforms and personal computers, including Sega consoles twice: first for the Master System by Sega themselves in 1988, and once for the Genesis by Accolade in 1992.


After the nuclear war, violence dominated the streets of New York City near the end of the twentieth century, and people formed gangs to survive. Jimmy and Billy Lee, twin brothers, resided on the outskirts of town. The brothers used to manage a martial arts school in the city center, which was destroyed by the nuclear war five years ago. Despite this, the brothers did not skip a single day of training.

Billy, the younger brother, was romantically linked with a female instructor called Marian, but Jimmy was also in love with her. Marian was kidnapped one day by the Black Warriors, a vicious street gang commanded by a guy named Willy Mackey. Following the nuclear war, the gang surged in strength and is now the dominating organization in the city.

The Lee brothers went out to face and rescue Marian from the Black Warriors.


The game is a belt-scrolling beat-'em-up in which you play as either one or both of the Lee brothers. It may be started as a two-person game, or another player can join in the middle of the game by hitting START.

Left and Right move the brothers laterally, while Up and Down move them towards or away from the backdrop. They jump beside A. Platforming sequences (such as leaping over gaps) are occasionally included in stages. Some stages have backdrop ladders or fences that can be climbed using Up and Down.

The brothers use C to hit and A to kick. A left-right punch combination and a kick are the fundamental attacks. The adversary gets shocked after a couple of blows or a single kick. Depending on the adversary type, the player can then follow it up with an uppercut, a roundhouse kick, or a head hold. During a head grab, the player can use A to continuously kick an adversary with their knees or C to fling him to the opposite side. During two-player mode, some foes may also be caught from behind, allowing the other player to attack them. Characters can use B+C to elbow smash enemies behind them. They can do a jump kick by jumping with B and pressing A if they are facing left, or C if they are facing right. They can do a jump kick by jumping with B and pressing A if they are facing left, or C if they are facing right. They can also do a leaping reverse kick by jumping with B and pressing C if they are facing left, or A if they are facing right. They can use LeftLeft or RightRight to headbutt opponents.

There are also other sorts of weaponry that may be obtained on the ground or by disarming an armed adversary. When standing near a weapon, characters can pick it up with C and use it with C (replacing punch). A may also be used to kick huge things to the ground.

The brothers have five-segment health meters and lose a segment anytime they take damage from an opponent. They lose a life if they receive damage with no remaining health, fall off the stage, or run out of time but are revived in situ for a brief moment if the player has additional lives. If the players get a time over, the timer starts anew. For every 30,000 points gathered, players gain one extra life. The game ends when the player runs out of lives, however it may be restarted if the player still has credits. The characters have different lives but share credits. Before beginning the game, players can select the amount of initial lives and credits (2, 4, or 6) from the settings menu.


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