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Double Dribble: The Playoff Edition (SEGA GENESIS) Sport 1994

Double Dribble: The Playoff Edition is a basketball video game developed and published by Konami for the Sega Genesis. It was initially released in Japan as Hyper Dunk: The Playoff Edition (ハイパー ダンク ザ プレイオフ エディション, Haipā Danku Za Pureiofu Edishon), and was subsequently released in Europe as HyperDunk. It is the sequel to the 1986 arcade game Double Dribble, as well as numerous home computer systems and consoles.




The game may be played by up to eight separate players with Sega's Team Player Adaptor attachment. Exhibition, Multi-Play, and Playoff are the three styles of play. One team is chosen and placed in a tournament bracket in Playoff Mode. The first round is a best-of-five series, while the subsequent rounds are best-of-seven. During the semi-final round, passwords are distributed.

Each player has a different gauge that affects their energy level as well as the effectiveness of their shots. Unlike in the NBA or NCAA college basketball, the shot clock is shown in milliseconds as well as seconds. Each player is depicted in-game with the same height and weight as the other players.

Instead of the original's four teams, players can pick from one of 16 teams that mimic teams from the National Basketball Association. Each city's team name reflects the culture of the site.

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