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Dragon - The Bruce Lee Story (SEGA GENESIS) Fighting 1994

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is a combat video game released in Europe in June 1994 by Virgin Interactive Entertainment for the Sega Genesis. It is based on the same-named 1993 film, which is a semi-fictionalized portrayal of Hong Kong-American actor and martial artist Bruce Lee's life. Following the events of the film, players take control of Bruce Lee throughout many levels set in different eras of his life and fight against some of his opponents.

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story was originally released for Sega platforms before being ported to the Atari Jaguar and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, each with several changes and additions compared to the original version, while the Game Gear and Master System versions, both released in 1994, feature an entirely different gameplay format.

Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story has received generally unfavorable feedback since its debut, with much of the criticism focusing on the slow-paced and shallow gameplay. 


Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story is a fighting game in which players take control of the titular "Dragon" and must defeat the sailor from the Hong Kong dance, the chefs from the Chinese Restaurant in San Francisco, the martial arts master who challenges Lee, and other adversaries from Lee's life in order to progress further in the title, which includes major action scenes from the film. However, the video game adaptation omits important story details from the film as well as the majority of the romance scenes between Bruce and his eventual wife Linda. Players may employ a range of martial arts skills to defeat their opponents while also building up a chi meter, which can be used to unleash special moves on their opponents. The players have three lives, and if they run out, they must confront The Phantom (the incarnation of Bruce's dread in the guise of an armored Japanese Samurai), who is nearly unstoppable. The Phantom Samurai returns as a last boss at the finale.

The game allows up to three people to play at the same time, either cooperatively or against each other in a battle mode. Because the CPU-controlled opponent characters are unplayable, the extra players may only control clones of the same various colored characters, such as:

    Bruce Lee is dressed in blue pants (black in the SNES version).
    Bruce Li is dressed in green pants (blue in the SNES version).
    Bruce Le is dressed in red trousers (in any port).

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