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Magical Hat no Buttobi Turbo! Daibouken (SEGA GENESIS) Platform 1990

Turbo Buttobi Magical Hat! Daibouken (まじかるハットのぶっとびターボ!大冒険) is a Sega Mega Drive game created by VIC Tokai and published by Sega in 1990 to tie into Studio Pierrot's Magical Hat anime series. Despite the fact that this game was never released outside of Japan, its plot, artwork, level layouts, and soundtrack were used for Decap Attack.


Hat is descended from a hero who defeated an evil monarch and locked Devildom. Jiark, the demon, is threatening to breach the seal and destroy the planet. He has divided the surface world's chain of islands into fragments. Only Hat, who wears a mystical turban, is capable of stopping him and reassembling the planet.


The player controls Hat through numerous side-scrolling stages in this platformer. Levels are divided into three rounds, each of which has several opponents and traps that might hurt or kill Hat, as well as objects to acquire. Each round, Hat must find the escape. Hat must collect a particular piece of treasure in the last round of each level to repair the island and kill a boss. Hat moves to the left and right, and ducks to the right. If he is running, he may skip across water. He leaps beside C. In mid-air, Hat can halt his descent by pressing CCCCC. He strikes his opponents by hitting them with B. He has the ability to punch when jumping but not while crouching. He can also jump on most foes in order to beat them; adversaries must be jumped on many times in order to be defeated and can recover if left alone. He swims with CCCCC underwater.

If Hat comes into contact with an opponent, he loses a life. The game finishes if he loses all of his lives. There are no more lines. Extra lives, on the other hand, are quite numerous to compensate.

Hat can locate his friend Robogg, who sits on his back and can be tossed at foes using the B button. Hat may recover it again by stepping over it when it landed, or he can wait for it to return to him like a boomerang. Hat loses Robogg but not a life if he is attacked by an adversary while Robogg is perched on him. 

Throughout the game, the player may also gather various artifacts that grant unique powers such as temporary invincibility or the ability to eliminate all foes on screen. These potions are stored in an inventory rather than being used immediately after being gathered. The player can press A to enter the item inventory and utilize an item or read a brief description of what it does.

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