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Dragon's Eye Plus - Shanghai III (SEGA GENESIS) Board game 1991

Dragon's Eye Plus: Shanghai III (ドラゴンズアイ プラス 上海III) is a Sega Mega Drive game published exclusively in Japan in 1991 by Home Data. It is part of Activision's Shanghai series of mahjong solitaire games; more specifically, it is a port of the Japanese version of what the Western market received as Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye; the numbering difference was due to an earlier Japanese Shanghai II.

Activision was dissatisfied with this version of the game and instead released Shanghai II: Dragon's Eye for the Western market.Despite the fact that the game was only available in Japan, it is entirely in English.

Chinese mahjong tiles are stacked in Shanghai, and the player must match all 144 tiles to clear the level. To do this, the player must match "open" tiles, which are tiles that are not obstructed by other tiles. There are two options in this mode: free and tournament. In free mode, you may choose your desired layout, as well as a tip option to assist the player if they get stuck. The Tournament mode disables the help option and requires the player to complete the stages in a specific order.

Dragon's Eye is a game that is similar to Shanghai, but with a twist. The Dragon Slayer and Dragonmaster are the two participants in the game, and there is a "well" called the Dragon Display. The Dragonmaster strives to conjure a powerful dragon by filling the Dragon Display with mahjong tiles. Before the game begins, a few tiles are put on the board, which the game's manual claims represent the dragon's heart and limbs. The Dragon Slayer must prevent the summoning by clearing the well of mahjong tiles, but they must also seek to destroy the dragon's heart and limbs. At the end of the game, the scores of the Dragon Slayer and Dragonmaster are compared, and whomever has the highest score wins. The game ends when the player removes all 144 tiles from the Dragon Display that still have room.

Hints and tile visuals are among the game's supplementary features. This game may either be played by two players using two controllers, or by both players with a single controller.

Dragon's Eye Plus: Shanghai III was created by a small development team that included Kenshin Nii (who is also pictured on the back of the game's box), Takashi Ogawa, Yoshihiro Jinnai, and Miki Kiyota, as well as three members of Home Data's Eurythm sound team.


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