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Dragons Lair The Adventure Continues (SEGA GENESIS) Action 1994 Unreleased

Dragon's Lair: The Adventure Continues is an unreleased Sega Mega Drive port of Bluth Group/Motivetime's 1993 SNES platformer Dragon's Lair/Dragon's Magic (a sequel to the original Dragon's Lair), which was being developed by Elite Systems, Eden Entertainment, and Taito (or at least their American branch) in 1994 (according to the ROM header; the game itself does not say).

Taito unveiled the game during the Summer CES 1994, with a projected Autumn 1994 release date. It was canceled for unexplained reasons and has every level (but whether or not the port is complete is unknown). MrMark0673 spotted and dumped a prototype on the SegaAge forum in the summer of 2011. 

A terrible odor crept up from deep under Mordroc's Castle to mix with the cold, damp nighttime air; the telltale indication of the wicked wizard's pet fire-breathing dragon, Singe; the beast who guarded Princess Daphne in the perilous tunnels far beneath the surface. Dirk the Daring made his way gradually to the castle gate. He had no fear, because fear was for cowards. No one else would enter the hazardous castle where Mordroc had imprisoned the hapless princess. For Dirk, though, there was no other option. The moment has come for heroes. The moment has come to take action. It was finally time to enter the Dragon's Lair...


The game is a standard platformer. A wields your sword, B leaps, and C wields your axe. 


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