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Dragon's Revenge (SEGA GENESIS) Pinball 1993

Tengen's Dragon's Revenge (ドラゴンズリベンジ) is a pinball game created and marketed as a sequel to Dragon's Fury/Devil Crash MD. In 1993, the game was published only for the Sega Mega Drive. It was known as Dragon's Fury 2 during development.

A Sega Game Gear version was shown during the Summer CES in 1993, but it was canceled for unclear reasons.

Despite the fact that it was labeled as a sequel, its development did not involve either Naxat Soft or Compile, who were responsible for the development of Devil Crash and the rest of the "Crush" pinball series (and, in fact, they had already made a sequel to Devil Crush by then, the Japan-exclusive SNES Jaki Crush released in 1992), nor Technosoft, who had ported Devil Crash to the Mega Drive and licensed it out to Tengen for international distribution. 



A villain and his wife Darzel have enslaved the settlement of Kalfin's Keep, and she has used her sorcery to kidnap three adventurers: Kragor the warrior, Flavia, a female barbarian, and Rina, a nice sorceress. The player's task is to direct magic balls (game pinball balls) as a weapon on the journey to rescue the kidnapped heroes, and then to lead them in their struggle against the forces of darkness. If the game is completed, the dragon is slain and Darzel is confined in a ball.


In the game, there are multiple different stages as well as bonus/boss stages. Unlike most other pinball games, none of the stages aim to imitate a real pinball machine, and the game simply employs basic pinball concepts.

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