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Duke Nukem 3D (SEGA GENESIS) Shooter 1998

Duke Nukem 3D is a 1998 Sega Mega Drive game by Tec Toy that is based on the popular PC game of the same name. Tec Toy's version incorporates images and sound effects from the PC version, but has significantly altered gameplay mechanics, levels, and a simpler game engine.

It is commonly assumed to be a massive Zero Tolerance hack, however this has yet to be validated. The remake's legality is controversial; 3D Realms argues it is illegal, while Tec Toy claims they received a license from publisher GT Interactive (now defunct).


The back cover of the game box has a brief plot summary:

    "Time to kick some ass!" Aliens are on their way to take over Los Angeles. The human race is on the verge of extinction at any given time. Only Duke Nukem, doing what he does best: EXPLODING, DETONATING, MASSACRING, SKINNING, and ANNIHILATING aliens, can stop this bloodbath on Earth!" (BronsisGaming's translation)

The narrative is never detailed in-game until Duke kills the Overlord, the game's last monster, and sees the Cycloid Emperor on a large monitor. At this moment, the screen displays the following text:

"'I need a hard drink... a wash... and a soft-skinned tummy to rest my head on,' Duke cracked his knuckles and grinned. 'The lunar assault Overlord has been destroyed, as has our Battlelord on Earth,' said an alarming warning on a nearby display. However, while Duke Nukem was preoccupied, our main strike wave began its last assault on Earth. We will eliminate any opposition.' 'Freak show, guess again,' Duke hissed. 'Duke's returning to town, and the last thing on your thoughts before you die... is my size 13 boot!'"

This might explain why images of the Battlelord and Cycloid Emperor can be found on the level "Secret Laser." 


Duke Nukem 3D for the Sega Genesis is a very reduced version of the original game with just 9 stages inspired by maps from Lunar Apocalypse.

Rather of replicating the original game's level design, this version has original levels with a flat layout and only 90-degree angles (similar to Wolfenstein 3D). Textures, sprites, and audio are drastically decreased in quality from the PC version. Despite this, the game is rather sophisticated for the Sega Genesis 16-bit system.

The version also includes Pig Cops, which were never found in the original Lunar Apocalypse, as well as a completely working Space Suit, which was partially coded in the Duke Nukem 3D v0.99 beta but deleted from the commercial edition. 


Up advances, Down retreats, and Left/Right rotates. When the ammunition in the presently equipped weapon runs out, C fires; weapons switch automatically. A unlocks the door. 


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