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Earnest Evans (SEGA GENESIS) Action 1991


Earnest Evans (アーネストエバンス) is a 1991 platforming action game created by Wolf Team for the Sega Mega Drive and Sega Mega-CD that was published as a console exclusive in the United States and Japan. Madhouse created animated sequences for the Mega-CD edition.

It is the second installment of a trilogy, after El Viento and Anetto Futatabi. The plot, on the other hand, comes first in the original Japanese chronology (but second in the US adaptation).

Ubisoft had planned a European Mega Drive release, but it never happened.


Earnest Evans, a guy from the 1930s, discovered three ancient idols with the potential to destroy the Earth. Evans had chosen to scour the entire world for the scattered idols, but he was injured before he could locate all three. Earnest Evans III, his grandson, continues his grandfather's effort to preserve mankind from catastrophe many years later. However, a rival treasure hunter named Brady Tresidder is also looking for the idols that would destroy the planet. Earnest must locate the riches before Tresidder. During his travels, Earnest comes across the lovely young green-haired girl Annet Myer, who is laying in some Peruvian ruins and agrees to join him for the rest of his adventures. The two come into Sigfried, a mystery individual with unclear reasons who appears to know a lot about Hastur and his cult.


Earnest Evans, the adventurer, is the protagonist of this action platformer. Earnest Evans is made up of many sprites to give him a fluid, ragdoll-like movement, a technique usually reserved for gigantic bosses in other games. At the conclusion of each level, there is a boss. Earnest must gather treasure pieces in certain stages, including the first, in order for the boss to appear.

He runs and hops using Left and Right. He crouchs with Down and can walk and leap while doing so. He lays down by pressing Down again if he is already squatting. In this posture, he may crawl and roll along the ground with B. He stands up again with Up. He can attack with A while crouching, crawling, or leaping. He begins with a long-range whip but subsequently acquires other weaponry. These weapons can only be used once and do not carry over to the following stage. He may change his weapon by pressing C. He can use Up and Down to climb ropes and walls. He goes swimming with BBBBB.

Earnest has several health indicators. When he receives damage from an adversary or danger, he loses health on a subgauge; when a subgauge is empty, he begins anew with a full subgauge if he has one left. The number of remaining subgauges is shown by red rectangles beneath the subgauge. He begins each stage with one additional subgauge, but may get more by discovering things. The game finishes if he loses all of his health and no subgauges remain. It may be continued for as long as the player has remaining continues, with Earnest reviving in place. Earnest, unlike other platformers, does not have a small period of invulnerability after he takes damage, therefore he might lose a significant amount of life from a single opponent or barrier if the player does not swiftly maneuver him out of it.


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